Alchemy is one of the skills that the player character can learn and master.

Alchemy is the art of mixing and brewing potions with the use of at least a Mortar & Pestle, but also a Crucible, a Retort, and an Alemble can be used to expand further on the potion.

Skill Levels Edit

Novice - A novice of Alchemy can make potions 25% more potent. 4 ingredients are needed to produce a potion.

Apprentice - An apprentice of Alchemy can make poisons 50% more deadly, and only 3 ingredients are needed to create a potion.

Journeyman - A journeyman of Alchemy's beneficial potions are 50% more helpful, and only 2 ingredients are required to create a potion.

Professional - A potion can be made from 2 ingredients and potions that boost skills are 50% more potent.

Master- A master of alchemy can create potions from 1 single ingredient.

Master Perks Edit

Brewers Blood - With this perk the user becomes 50% Immune to all negative effects a potion has, basically becoming highly resistant to toxins.

Alchemic Filter - All positive potion effects become 50% stronger, health restoration, energy restoration, skill boosts, etc.