Biography Edit

Braden Genshi was a Brone born during the First Era year 130 on the isle of Relos M'kai under the banner of House Noble and the Imperial Empire. He fought in the Redmark Civil War and the Orkulgan Invasion.

Braden in the Redmark Civil War Edit

Braden joined the Redmark Civil War when he was 19 after being trained in Unarmed Combat and to use Blades by the Order of the Dojo in Redmark. Braden fought for the Imperial Empire's House Noble of Redmark against House Loyal. His most notable efforts were during The Siege of Redwood City after which he was promoted admiral of House Noble's army. After Redmark became faced with an Orcish invasion from the north, Braden quickly put the civil war on hold.

Braden in the Orkulgan Invasion Edit

Braden was given the rank of Captain during the Orkulgan conflict and led a large army of Brones on several perilous battles. Before the war ended Braden was liberating a North-Watch village with Nornic Soldiers when an Orcish Arrow pierced his chest. He survived the attack and killed the Orc archer with his own arrow, but quickly retired to The Imperium.

Braden in The Imperium Edit

Not wanting to let his anger and skill go to waste, Braden Genshi pled to Casmyr Dragonblood IV the reigning Emperor and asked for funding and permission to build an arena inside one of the unused districts of Chyrodail. Permission was granted and Braden Genshi oversaw the construction of The Imperiums first Arena. The Imperial Arena.

Death Edit

Braden was reigning Grand Champion of his arena, and undefeated he remained- until an Orc War Veteran entered the Arena named Ghol-bah-sho. This orc ironically had just fled the destroyed city of Orkulgan and seeked revenge on 'Captain Genshi'. Braden Genshi was killed in his own arena in front of hundreds of citizens by this orc foe. who went on to be the second Grand Champion.