Biography Edit

Casmyr Dragonblood was a Terrin born in a small village sometime before the First Era, and is widely regarded as one of the most important mortals to date.

Physical Features Edit

Casmyr was a Male Terrin, estimated around 6.1 feet tall, weight unknown, with blue eyes and dark brown hair, he was portrayed often in Gold Royal Armour (Imperial Champion Armour) and a Red Cape bearing the Imperial Dragon Crown.

Historic Role Edit

When he was a young man the 6 Anglic Gods blessed him and his people and gave them hope for a rebellion against the Vervan Elves for which Casmyr and his people were 'suffering' from immensely. He led what is now known as the "Human-Vervan War" which resulted in the mass extirpation of the Vervan Elves. Lending the Empire to Casmyr Dragonblood and his people.

Casmyr had a great role to play in Oremus's Great War. He was supreme War General for the newly emerged Imperial Empire (which he was the founder and emperor of). Operating mainly from the city of Chyrodail, Casmyr captured and conquered Fortresses and Provinces.

Casmyr in the Great War Edit

Casmyr was present at 22 confirmed battles, 20 of them were victorious. Some of the greatest being that of

-The Battle of Sancra-Lot

-The Battle of Fort Revenge II

-The Battle of Chyrodail

Casmyr's Bloodline Edit

Casmyr had 2 sons and 1 duaghter with his wife, Queen Alesha, Casmyr II the oldest, Methusala, and Victoria. Casmyr II inherited the throne as did his sons, and so on.

Casmyr's Death Edit

Casmyr was slain at The Battle for Chyrodail, he was pushed off the White Tower during a violent final conflict between all his enemy factions. Although he died his victory was secure as the White Tower was destroyed killing the other Leaders as well, this was not the final fight for the Great War, but it was great step towards its end. Casmyr was buried in Fort Sancra-Lot.