Sometimes called "Detrias" or "Mundas" or "The Mortal Plane". Detrus is the planet on which all mortals live, and every continent harbors itself. The 7 Anglic Gods govern and rule this planet.

Geography Edit

The planet has every climate imaginable, Deserts (like the Great Red Desert or the Kapuk Desert) to Frozen tundras or mountains, (like in North-Watch) Grand forests and everything in between.

The planet in modern day is split into 5 known continents

Mervor, ancient land of the elves

Oremus, the large multi-biomed continent

Katana, the eastern island

Talyn, the largest and most northern land mass

Akunda, the sinking islands of the west

Astrology Edit

Detrus is centered around the solar system 'Atheria' it has 2 moons Poly and Phemos.

Poly and Phemos eclipse with each other once a month and both of them align with the sun once every 3 years.