The one who takes no form... Edit

Kell is his name (sometimes called either Syth or Khaos) the oldest of all Deity. He has never directly appeared in front of mortals, leading to his title of "The formless one". Kell is often regarded as being the creator of all known life as he pushed together the pieces that would create mortal life- by resurrecting "The Old Gods".

Upon resurrecting The Old Gods to govern attributes of Detrus- he was betrayed and sealed away in the void. He was able to escape this void on several occasions however- the first time being the seduction of a mortal woman "Judicia Felixus" who bore Kell 3 sons (Cornelious, Alex, and Articus) with this pact- Kell's bloodline was to interfere with that of the mortals. And his descendants still live.

Kell wanted to secure a stronghold in the mortal plane but he was interrupted by the villagers who lived with Judicia Felixus. They persecuted her for being the mistress of a demon, and she was burned at the stake and the children were locked away to starve to death.

Kell feeling enraged burned the village to the ground leaving no evidence of it. He then found an abandoned home far away and resurrected his three sons. It is unknown if his wife was resurrected or not. He vowed to teach his children the art of Darkness that he had mastered from his time in the Void.

Cornelious, Alex and Articus quickly became the best and youngest assassins in the world, Kell gave them magical wepeons that with whomever they killed- there souls would enter the Void and become one of Kells army. This unholy trinity of assassins was called the Shadowship.

Kell continues to guide the Shadowship to this day, helping others seek vengeance upon those who harmed them. Kell returned to his void, now with an abundance of souls at his disposal.

Many years later, Kell was still receiving souls from the descendants of the original shadowship. And he decided to strike a bargain with the Daemic Master Verigann. The exact details of the deal are unknown, however it is commonly accepted that Kell convinced Verigann to give one of his mortal descendants Vamprism, and he became The First Vampire

Meaning any and all Vampires that now inhabit Detrus are somehow correlated to Syth, and the Shadowship.