Tayln is one of the landmasses that split from Pandyssia. It is considered the largest of the 5 continents known to exist. Tayln is known for it's very cold temperatures and icy environment. Tayln is home to the Nedac, the ancient ancestors of the Norn who were among the first races of men in Oremus. Talyn is the most northern landmass.

Geography Edit

Talyn is split into one large mainland, the mysterious Mystic Fringes, and 2 medium sized island. This continent is split into 5 Territories, Hagot, Holm, Kalda, Dalir, and Alost. The south part of the continent has forests of mighty pine trees, and even grass in the summer. A bit further north of this "green-zone" (which includes the isles Kalda and Holm, and the south mainland Hagot) is the territory Dalir and Alost, which have a few Taigas but are generally covered in permafrost.

Mystic Fringes Edit

The Mystic Fringes is the arctic tundra region north of the Alost Territory. It is too cold and remote for any known creature to exist here for more then a few hours, and so the entire area is uncharted.

Inhabitants Edit

Talyn is home to 2 sentient races,

The Nedac and the Yedai. As well as a number of beasts such as Dire Wolves, Polar Bears, Great Monstrous Whales and Elk.

History Edit

Talyns history is widely unknown, as the Nedac and the Yedai never recorded anything. Everything we know of the history is told through stories or by ancient artifacts.

The Nedac and the Yedai were created by an Echo from the isle of Holm. The Nedac and the Yedai fought each other and were nicknamed by the Echo "Brothers of war". This fight continued for generations until the Nedacs capitol city of Ormsdalr was destroyed. The Nedac were losing the war, and the stalemate had ended.

The Yedai prayed to the Sloag to unleash a plague upon there enemy, and so unleash a plague they did. The Nedac had lost their home, and countless lives, fearing extinction they loaded all the healthy of there race on to mighty long-boats and sailed south to flee the Yedai. Eventually 50 ships reached the shores of Oremus.

The Nedac that reached the West of Oremus were called the Norn. and the Nedac that reached the east were called the Relic.

It is unknown if the race of Nedac themselves still live. None have been seen since.