"The greatest example of wasted life in a thousand ages" ~ Queen Eliza

The Great War began 5 years before the First Era, and subsequently began the First Era after its end. The Great War started after Casmyr Dragonblood sacked the Vervan Empire, His troops were spread thin and the great heartlands the Vervan Empire held with utter dominance were vulnerable. Seeing an opportunity to take control of a large portion of Oremus, Queen Eliza allied with the Aestmen of A'mor Aeste Isle and formed "The Elven Armada".

Hearing the rumors of powerful new Empires rising in the south, Kodlak Ebonmare III formed an alliance with the Brones of Redmark and the Orcs of the wilds and created the "Northern Alliance" in order to uphold power in the upcoming fight for control. In the lands of the east, King Gallows the current ruling Night Elf King, saw his enemies the Norns gain allies for their Northern Alliance, also fearing the impacts 3 warring empires would have on Vexia, his homeland, he allied with the Accolian king, the Xavian Chief and the Bloodmyr Lord.

This vicious bonding of Accolians, Night Elves, Blood Elves, and Xavians was called the "Eastern Covenant", the final (main) faction to compete in the Great War.

Alliance summery Edit

The Imperial Empire - Casmyr Dragonblood's new formed empire of Terrins, Relics, (Some Vervan and Orcs) tasked with defending the huge heartland they had taken from the Vervan Elves, and recovering from the Vervan-Terrin war.

The Elven Armada- Queen Abigail Eliza's marriage of High Elves, Tree Elves and Aestmen in order to destroy the Imperial Empire and restore order to a chaotic continent, also to avenge there brethren the Vervan Elves.

The Northern Alliance- Kodlak Ebonmare III's binding of the Orcs, Brones and his Norn people, to invade this vulnerable heartland the Vervan had kept guarded so long, and to maintain sovereignty from these new powerful emerging empires

The Eastern Covenant- King Gallow's alliance with the Xavians, Accolians and Bloodmyr with his own Night Elves in hopes of restoring dignity to his fallen people, gaining land aside his wasteland home, and bringing glory back to the east.

Notable Battles Edit

The Battle of Fort Gold

The Battle of Fort Eliza's Pride

The Battle of Fort Revenge

The Battle of Fort Revenge II

The Siege of Blackreach

The Battle of Fort Colatch

The Battle for Chyrodail

The Battle of Fort Rose

The Battle of Fort Rose II

The Battle of Fort Rose III

The Battle of Fort Maria

The Battle of Fort Maria II

The Battle of Fort Sina

The Battle of Fort Sina II

The Battle of Fort Gloria

The Battle of Fort Gloria II

The Battle for Fort Sancra-lot

Aftermath Edit

After the Imperial Empire "won" the Great War and began restoring peace, scholars estimate that over 500,000 people lost there lives, (a considerable amount after you realize the total amount of people living in Detrus at the time was less then a million)