Biography Edit

Thorin Riverwood was a Norn, He was instrumental in several historic events. His place of birth is unknown however the first records of him appeared in the early Great War. He was at the time a 22 year old Nornic Soldier fighting under the banner of Kodlak Ebonmere, the Northern Alliance. According to eye witness reports, Thorin engaged Casmyr Dragonblood in a brief sword fight during the Battle of Fort Revenge II. Thorin was able to escape after his forces were wiped out.

Involvement with the Great War Edit

Thorin fought at 9 recorded battles. And won 5 battles.

-Battle of Fort Rose (First, Second and Third)

-Battle of Chyrodail

-Battle of Fort Revenge (First and Second)

-Battle of Fort Maria

-Battle of Fort Gloria

After Kodlak Ebonmere's death, Thorin went into hiding inside The Imperium, Some time later after the Imperial Empire had claimed Oremus Thorin joined the elite Imperial Legion.

Post-Great War Edit

Thorin now had a place among the Imperial Empire. Thorin had an unnaturally long lifespan for a Norn and lived into the end of the First Era. Thorin was an Imperial Legionnaire but he resided in North-Watch the land of his people, he was offered position as Karl of Ninthelm. Later becoming Jarl and eventually High King of North-Watch. During an excavation of the ancient Qellmyr ruin Z'thragok he, K'thasa his companion, Darius Sevraki the Qellmyr Expert, and Dirt the Mercenary unearthed the Chronicle of Knowledge. A short time later Thorin sacrificed Darius Sevraki to summon Zey'Knalost (God of Knowledge, Secrets, and the Grotesque)

Upon reading The Chronicle Zey'Knalost was driven to madness and returned to his realm, only to come back some time later with Portals to Rapture and invasion in his eyes. This was the terrible Invasion of Zey'knalost. Demonic Portals to Rapture were opened in every corner of Detrus and Zey'Knalost wished to bring his realm upon Detrus and unravel all the secrets the mortal plane had to offer.

Thorin perpetrated the realm of Zey'Knalost along with K'thasa and committed deicide against the God using The Staff of Worms. Killing Zey'Knalost and capturing his soul, later attempting to burn it.

Death Edit

Thorin lived to about 1553 (an extremely long lifespan for a Norn, average being 60) During his retirement years Thorin fought in the Imperial Arena. He eventually met his 'fate' at the tip of a poisoned Wood Elf dagger.


Thorin discovered a Fountain of Youth on Pandyssia (the island)

A Chronicle of Knowledge in Z'thragok

The Qellmyr Chronicle Decoding Sphere

The Staff of Worms

A Chronicle of Time and Space

A Chronicle of Dark Omens