Vervan Elves or the Vervamyr, or Vervanic Elves were the first to establish an empire in Oremus, the Vervan Empire. They were a pale-skinned elf only ever having blue eyes, their life-span is unknown, as some only lived 1000 years and others could live for 100,000 years.

Vervan Empire Edit

The Vervan Empire was a "Theocratic-Monarchy" hybrid, the ruling official acted as a 'King-Priest' and would often construct temples to their gods, The Vervan Empires main religion was that of the Daemic Masters, although you would not assume this based on the beauty of their architecture. Their empire existed during the same time period as the Qellmyr empire, perhaps a bit before, and lasting slightly longer, exact dates are unknown, but the oldest artifact discovered from their empire dates back 4000 years before the First Era.

Collapse Edit

The Vervan Empire did fall, and their species faced extinction. Their only flaw was underestimating the power of man, after a sick and exhausted fleet of human ships came from the east they were enslaved by the Vervan, the Terrins (humans) were forced to construct their monuments and cities, including Chyrodail. The Vervan put such little value on human life they had entire chambers constructed for the incineration of elderly or crippled Terrins, ironically made by Terrin workers. Casmyr Dragonblood sparked a rebellion with the help of some Norns, and even some rebel Vervan who were disproving of their species empire (the Rebel-Vervan Empire).

This was the Vervan-Human war which led to the sacking of dozens of Vervan settlements, forcing many of them to retreat underground or far off.

Origin Edit

The Vervanmyr race was created by a large faction of High Elves on Angel Island that wanted to change the High Elf religion to Daema Worship, they were cast out to the "hostile" mainland were they established their empire. This makes Vervanmyr direct descendants of the High Elves, like the Qellmyr.

Structures Edit

  • Aora
  • Bora
  • Vervans Rest
  • Mala
  • Riella
  • Vina Alla